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"Conducting a research exercise founded on initial field research and therefore travel, in the midst of a pandemic, posed some interesting challenges and interesting discoveries. I realised that it required the redefinition of the word ‘field' in 'field research' and therefore also the conjuring of a form of intimacy, which the absence of physical presence denied.

 In attempting to respond to these requirements of redefinition and conjuring, the digital domain of websites seemed an appropriate space for exploration.

In the spirit of exploration, is therefore a space for presenting research as a journey. It is intended to function simultaneously as a journal, an archive and a forum for others to engage with the research. 

As a platform which provides options for accommodating the structural demands of various types of content and intent, is also a sort of study of aesthetics related to research information on websites; as in this instance, the playing with the facets of the oral and the aural to create intimacy and insight.

Guided by the journey of the research experience, the website will be an ongoing project that evolves during the course of the Fellowship and ideally in some form thereafter."

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